Corcoran Environmental Study Area

This wooded land next to Maryland’s Sandy Point State Park may be the best kept secret on the Broadneck Peninsula. The Corcoran Environmental Study Area, or “Corcoran Woods”, is just outside of the main park area of Sandy Point, is maintained by park staff, and there is no fee to enter.

Our very developed, suburban landscape on Chesapeake Bay, Magothy River and Severn River is home to a large variety of neighborhoods and communities. It seems like there are trees everywhere, but these are part of private lands and are not accessible to most people. Aside from Sandy Point State Park, which is very nice, there are few places for real outdoor recreation except a handful of county parks with paved paths and ball fields. At Sandy Point, you can pay the gate fee or buy an annual MD Park pass to enjoy the many and varied features of the park – but that is not necessary to enter the Corcoran Environmental Study Area.

google map of Corcoran Woods



The woods feel like an Enchanted Forest from Grimm’s fairy tales. The silence and solitude of a walk here removes you from this time and place. The trees expand into the distance and paths seem to lead far and away… and they literally do, for miles.

While this park is attractive, special caution has been made about deer ticks. It will be important to use plenty of tick repellent.


As per the information provided by Sandy Point State Park HQ, this “is a largely wooded, 206 acre tract of land administered by the Maryland Park Services as a nature preserve for educational, scientific and aesthetic purposes. It is being managed in a manner which will minimize the influence of man and permit nature to achieve its own ends.”

Some helpful links:

Corcoran Woods is mentioned briefly on the Sandy Point home page

Native Tree Society’s website – discusses sites and trees in Corcoran Woods

MAP – PDF from Sandy Point State Park HQ

HISTORY – PDF from Sandy Point State Park HQ

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I started this blog to share useful information about this park. Many of us who live in the area do not know much about Corcoran Woods, if anything at all.  This blog journals my discovery and visits to Corcoran Woods.

Directions: There is a parking lot on Tydings Road, which you get to by turning up Log Inn Road before Sandy Point. Log Inn Road becomes Tydings, and on the right is the parking lot. Across the road from the parking lot is the main entrance to the fenced Corcoran Environmental Study Area. There is actually another entrance as well, off of Bay Head Road. Parking for that would have to be on a residential street.

There is no biking within the fenced area, but adjacent to the parking lot on Tydings is a trail that leads right into Sandy Point. It is a long trek, but biking is allowed, and it is a lot of fun.


Mike Robinson


Mike is a local marketing consultant based in Cape St. Claire.